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Miyerkules, Hunyo 20, 2018

This Chubby Little Girl From Goin' Bulilit Who Once Made Us Smile Is A Beautiful Woman Now

Do you still remember this cutie chubby little girl from Goin' Bulilit? Here she is now.

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Trina Legaspi or popularly known as Hopia came to prominence as one of the cast members of ABS-CBN's Kiddie Gag show Goin' Bulilit, along with other celebrities of generation, Kathryn Bernardo, Kiray Celis and Julia Montes.

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She also top-billed in remarkable shows and movies including Juanita Banana in 2010, Pintada in 2012 and The Wanderer in the lad of Elementalia in 2008.

However, Hopia decided to leave showbiz and prioritize her studies and pursued Communication Arts in Miriam college. 

According to Push, Hopia is ready to take on mature roles and leave her "tweetums"image behind.

"Mas sanay talaga sila don sa mataba na ako, 'yung Hopia na nakilala nila. Hindi nila alam na dalaga na po ako ngayon. Kumbaga, gusto ko pong malaman nila na hindi na ako si Hopia," She said.


She also asked, how she feels now that Kathryn Bernardo and Julia Montes have become major stars and she is just starting again.

"Well, siyempre malungkot siya talaga. Kasi feeling mo napag iwanan ka talaga. Per kasi, at least, ngayon nagkaron ako ng time na magfocus sa school. Matatapos na ako ngayon, communication Arts sa Miriam College. Hindi naman waste of time," Hopia said with no regrets.

“I’m only 21. I think, maggi-give-up na lang ako pag siguro 30  na ako. Ngayong may chance pa, push lang po nang push,” she added.

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